Friday, August 1, 2014

American Girl Doll Tutu, Leg Warmers and Bodysuit AG006

American Girl Doll Ribbon Trim and Elastic waist Tutu Tutorial

The girls had such a good time doing their dance moves last week that I thought I would make one more Tutu for them.  Because the netting I have is 104” wide, I used that width by 10” long to make a double skirt of 5” long.  I sewed 1” wide onto one long edge.

Fold the netting just about in half with ribbon edge being the shorter piece.  Sew a half inch casing from fold.

Hand stitch a small amount of thread at each quarter mark and set aside.

Cut 3/8” elastic at 10”.  Mark each quarter with a vanishing ink marker.

Use a bobkin to thread the elastic.

Pull until the colored thread matches the ink mark on your elastic.

Stitch through to keep in place.  Repeat until you have all the quarters matched up.

Sew center back seam.  Remove colored threads.  Distribute gathers evenly between each stitched tack.

Wow!  That is one fluffy Tutu!

American Girl Doll Leg Warmers

Pretty simple to make!  Cut off the top of a pair of baby socks.

Use them as they are or you can zigzag around the cut edge or serge as I did.

American Girl Doll Bodysuit

For the bodysuit, I used the Ballet Basics pattern by Lee and Pearl.  I did lengthen the front and back body by ½” each and added a half inch on to each side seam as the fabric I am using has very little stretch.

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