Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sewing – Sewing Machine Cushion

Another find on Pinterest!  I love it as I always end up with a pile of pins lying around the sewing machine or my other trick is I leave my regular pin cushion on the kitchen table!

I measured the flat part of the front of my sewing machine which was about 3” tall x 4.5” wide.

So I cut my fabric 5.25” x 6” to allow for seam allowances.  Press under the short ends about ¼”.

Lightly press in half with wrong sides together.

Wrap ¾” elastic around the sides and back of the sewing machine.  Add 4” onto that measurement and cut.

Cut that 4” off.  Now you have 2 pieces.

Pin elastics about half way between the folded and pressed lines.

Pin and sew both side seams.  Just be careful not to catch the elastic tails.

Sew about 1” of the top closed from both ends.  Wrapping the corners helps make a nice point.

It should look like this now.

Stuff with steel wool.  Did you know that steel wool is supposed to sharpen pins and needles?

Stitch hole closed.

Wrap your pin cushion around your machine to make a snug fit.  You may have to trim off some of the elastic.  Attach Velcro to each end of the elastic.

Attach it to your sewing machine and you will always have a pincushion right at the most convenient spot.

You can turn it to the inside of your sewing machine if that is more convenient!  Isn't it just the simplest things that make life so much easier?

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