Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sewing - Soap Pouch

I made a few of these towels so I used the scraps to make these soap pouches.  Cut any towel or facecloth 4”wide by 10”.  I cut my towel so I could use one factory finished edge for one end.

Serge the other short edge to prevent fraying. I happen to have white thread in my serger but it doesn’t matter what color the serger thread is because it is tucked inside.

With right sides together, fold up the factory finished edge to 3.5” and pin - you're going to turn it right side out after sewing so you want this edge to show. Set aside.

Fold a 4” piece of grosgrain ribbon in half.

Pin your loop at 4” from the bottom fold to the inside of one of the edges.

Now measure up from the bottom fold again to 4.5” and mark.

Fold on these marks with right sides together and pin.  Sew the sides closed.  Turn your pouch right-side-out and you are finished.

Our daughter gives us some of her homemade soap.  It fits just fine in the pouches as well as any regular size bar of soap.

You can take the soap out after each bath to let the pieces dry separately or you can just hang the whole thing up to dry until the next time.

These soap pouches exfoliate and suds.   Not only handy for in the shower but they also double by leaving a nice scent in the bathroom.  They smell so good - could also use them for pretty smelling drawer sachets.

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