Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sewing – Oven Door Hanging Towel

Seen this on Pinterest some time ago.  I cannot find it now, of course! Sometimes the designer isn't always obvious on Pinterest, nor is there necessarily a tutorial so I will let you know how I did it.  I do remember that she had sewn a bunch of scallops on her fabric but that looked like too much work for me!  This towel is much better than the snap closing ones that can end up getting pulled off the oven door.

To make the pattern, trace a 9.5 x 5” rectangle onto a piece of paper.  Mark a center line.  I used my platter to trace a curve.

Cut 2 fabric and two light weight interfacing from this pattern.  Fuse interfacing to wrong sides of fabric.  Press up bottom long edges.

Pin and sew 1/4" around the two short ends and across the curve with right sides together.

 Trim with pinking shears.

Turn inside out and press with iron.

Unfold bottom long edges.  Measure up 2” from there and draw a line, stopping at 1” from each side.  Draw another line ¼” away from the first one and make a ‘box’.

Use your buttonhole stitch to sew around the box you just drew.  Sew it twice for security, using a slightly wider buttonhole stitch for the second round.

Cut top edge of towel.  It should be no longer than 20”.

Make tucks in the top of the towel to fit the fabric opening.

Stitch across using a ¾” seam allowance.

Tuck the towel up inside the fabric.  Put the right side of the towel to the wrong side of the fabric.

Sew with a zigzag stitch through all thicknesses on the right side as that is what you will see once it is hanging then top stitch all the way around the fabric from the right side.

Cut the buttonhole with small scissors.

To hang the towel, slip the fabric over the oven handle with right side facing outwards.  Put the towel through the buttonhole in fabric.  Pull fabric to the top.
This towel can't be pulled off so easily every time someone needs to dry their hands.

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