Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MDS - Poolin Around, Heather’s Class2

Once again, it is TUESDAY!!  You know what that means!!  DOWNLOAD DAY!!  Yippee Yahoo!I felt like I was back in my counted cross stitch days after doing this class of Heather’s!!  Unfortunately, my eyes don’t work like they did back then!  Woozers!  That was a lot of paying attention!    I can see now that I should have centered my punches before adding my picture but I am not about to undo anything!  We had to fill our page with the square punch then change each square using the Swatches from the Color Palette!  I made a duplicate page of my color filled punches in case I ever have the urge to do this again!  This is a great technique, Heather, thanks for sharing!
Embellishment: Downtown Grunge.

Font: CK Psychedelic size 96.

If you want in on Heather’s tricks & tips, you still have time to sign up to her MDS MadeSimple 2 class.  Because the daily posts don't happen anymore, the site remains open with the content, videos, photos, and discussions etc available until the end of October.  She has given her students permission to post our pages that we did in her class to our Blogs.  I intend to post a page every Tuesday and keep my regular Scrap pages coming on Fridays.

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