Friday, June 10, 2011

MDS 015 My Dad My Hero Scrapbook Page

This is a 12x12 page
Strength & Hope Campaign – click HERE for details.

If you have just stumbled on my Blog, type ‘MDS Scrap Page’ in the Search Box (top left corner) to see what we have been doing. I have a few Guides listed at the bottom of this post but click on HELP (across the top of the program) > My Digital Studio Help for further help. I am using Windows 7. Watch for NEW Scrap Pages posted every Friday.

Background paper – Color – Basic Gray.
Background Papers - Designer Series Paper – Textile - Basic Gray - Add as Page Layer – mat – black.
Background paper – cardstock – whisper white - Add as Page Layer – mat – black.
Background paper – cardstock – Basic Gray - Add as Page Layer – mat – black.
Punch – Curly Label – color fill – black – enlarge – copy and paste to make as many as you want.
Punch – Round Tab Half – color fill – black – rotate left.
Punch – Large Photo Corner – color fill – black – rotate left.
Embellishment – Staple and Stitching – add staples.
After you have put your photos in place: Background paper - Designer Series Paper – Designer Kits – Vintage Overlays 1 - Add as Page Layer. Double click on the box – highlight the full page – ok.
Test used: CK Bowling Alley size 64.

I like to Drop Shadow everything! (If you Grouped anything, you will have to Ungroup it in order for it to Shadow. Click on the item – Arrange – Ungroup). Click on one Embellishment – Drop Shadow – Opacity to 65, Blur to Medium - Save as Default – on this page. Now all my Embellishments will be Shadowed. Click on one Stamp image – Drop Shadow. Since the Opacity and Blur are set, click ‘on this page’. Now all my stamped images will be Shadowed. Repeat for one Text, one photo and one punch and click ‘on this page’. You can certainly Drop Shadow each item as you go but I tend to do it at the end.
Insert > Insert Duplicate Page Mirrored to easily make a double page spread or just bump it forward for another layout. Again, watch for a NEW Scrap Page posted next Friday.
My Digital Studio Catalog PDF catalog will be updated every month and is available to you on under Resources. If you have not ordered your copy of My Digital Studio yet or if you would like to order anything from the catalogue, just click on the On Line Ordering button in my left sidebar and your order will be mailed directly to you! Downloads will go to your computer automatically.
A few Guides:
View > Guides > Photo Page Bleed Area – you want this turned on.

Ruler – make sure Ruler is check marked under View as you want this turned on too.
Arrange – Order button to bring to front, send to back etc.
Nudge – click an item, then use your arrow keys to nudge in the direction of the arrow. Clicking on the corners of the icon will nudge the photo diagonally.
Change your margins in every album you create. File > Print set up > change all margins to 0. It will adjust automatically to the minimum size.
Photo Shape - Click on the Photo Box once (on the right). To turn your Photo from a square/rectangle to a circle/oval, click Photo Shape. After changing the photo shape, if you would like to modify the shape without affecting the photo, click Crop (instead of using the gray boxes on the sides and corners of the photo).
If your page is too big or too small for your screen, click on the – (minus) or + (plus) button in the lower, right corner (Zoom area) to reduce or enlarge your page

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