Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Craft - Sponge Wedges

Someone came up with this brilliant idea! I love it! Before this, I had sponges all over the place, not having any idea what color I had used them for. The Stampin' Sponges are just the right tool for sponging ink around the edges of your card stock.  Works perfect for me! 

Supplies:  Stamping Sponges, Round Tab Extra Large punch, Card stock, Scissors, Stapler.
There are three sponges in the bag of Stamping Sponges from SU!.

Cut each sponge in half. Cut each half into thirds. This means you can get up to 18 sponge wedges from only ONE PACKAGE of sponges.

To keep them organized, take the Stampin' Up Tab Punch and punch cardstock to match the color of each sponge.

Fold cardstock label in half and staple to the point of the wedge.

Write the color name on the cardstock. Now each sponge wedge will have its own designated color.

I store mine in one of these craft containers.  I need it to be just a bit bigger though.  I like the idea of it being see-thro. I will keep my eyes open for just the right container!

Dawn has a video HERE of how she made her Spongin' Wedges.

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  1. Carol,

    What a great idea! I have that punch so I will give it a try



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