Sunday, July 12, 2009

Envelope Corner Bookmarks

I seen this done many years ago. It is not my idea - I have no clue who to give the credit to.

This is the scraps from yesterdays post.

Measure 23/4" across the top & down the sides of each corner.

Lay your ruler on the diagonal so it touches the two marks on the outside edges. Cut apart using a rotary cutter or your favorite cutting method. We now have two corner pieces. Flip them over & decorate as desired. I used stamps from the Perfect Presentation set with Brocade Blue ink. You can put clear tack on both sides to make them stronger. Now you have two bookmarks to enclose as a little giftie with your card. Great way to use all the envelopes that that darn junk mail comes in too!


  1. I love these little corner bookmarks - nice idea to make them seasonal!

  2. I love it! Not much left to throw away. I've made bookmarks like that from CS.


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