Friday, March 4, 2016

AG053 18” Doll Bow Sleeve T-shirt and Leggings Tutorial

I came across this tutorial for an 18” Doll Bow Sleeve T-shirt  by PixieFaire with the ties at the sleeves. Thought I would add a ruffle to the bottom as well.  I used the Scientificseamspattern.  I cut half an inch off the bottom of the front and back to allow for the ruffle.

Sew the shoulder seams, and hem the sleeves.  Add 4” strips of interfacing at Velcro placement.  Press. Cut neckband 1.25” wide by 10” or more depending on how stretchy the band is.  Press in half. 

Sew the neckband to the tee stretching slightly. 

Press towards the garment and topstitch.  Press again.

Find the middle of your 12” pieces of ribbon. Pin one to the outside edge of each shoulder.

Pin and sew the sleeves into the tee -- being sure you're sandwiching the ribbon between the sleeve and the body of the tee.  Clip curves, but be sure not to clip any of the ribbon!  Press towards sleeve.

Sew the side seams.  Press.

Cut ruffle 2” wide by 20” or so long.  Hem one long edge.  Chalk mark in quarters.  Press.

Gather the Nancy Z way (AG036).  With wrong side of fabric facing you, place the fabric under the presser foot on the stitching line about a seam width away from the edge. Turn the wheel by hand to make one stitch. Pull up on the top thread and bring the bobbin thread to the top of the fabric. 

Pull bobbin thread to a length equal to the area to be gathered. 

Place the thread under the presser foot. Adjust your machine for a medium zigzag stitch with a length of about 3.0.  Stitch over the bobbin thread just inside the seam allowance, making sure not to stitch over the bobbin thread. 

Stop a seam width away from the edge. 

Pull on the bobbin thread to gather the fabric. Since the thread was secured in the beginning, it will not come out.

Pin to bottom of tee matching chalked quarter marks.  Sew – I like to sew it twice.

Add a 3” of Velcro closure at the back.  Tie the ribbons into bows.  Trim the ends if needed and burn to prevent raveling. If your ribbon doesn't like staying tied, you can stitch through the bows once or twice to keep them in place.


I did a bit of altering to Dollar Doll Clothes Pants/Pajama pattern and I am happy with how they fit. Because this fabric is so stretchy, I used a very slight zig zag on all the seams. 

Sew the center front seam using a 1/4-inch seam.  Clip curves.  Baste 9” of 1/2” elastic to waist. Press 3/8” for the leg hems.  

Serge to clean finish elastic at the waist.  Sew the hems and press.

Sew center back seam, adding a ‘back’ tag.  Clip curves.

Refold the pants bringing the center seams together and sew the inner legs.   Clip to stitching.  Press. 

Ordering info is on my 18” Doll Clothes Creations by Carole Facebook page.

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