Friday, February 5, 2016

AG042 18” Doll Nightie Tutorial

Found this cute Nightie/Pajama tutorial and pattern by shwinandshwin for the 18” dolls.  It fit perfect!  Jenna from Maplelea is doing the modeling.

I cut my faux front placket 2” x 2”, pressed up one short end and folded the two long ends inward.

Place the rectangle in the center of the neckline of the front piece and sew all around the edge.

A long sleeve and short sleeve are included in their pattern -  hem either one at 1/2”. With right sides together sew the front of the sleeves to the front bodice then sew the back pieces to the back sleeve.  Press the sleeves flat.  Now you have a circle.

I added a neckband.  Cut neckband 1.25” wide by 10” or more long depending on how stretchy the band is.  Press in half.  Sew the neckband to the nightie stretching slightly.

Press the neckband towards the garment and topstitch.  Press again.

I dropped my feed dogs and used my darning foot to add buttons.

Because the hem line is on a curve, it is easier to run a basting thread at ¼” from edge.

With Right sides together, sew the side seams.  Press.

Sew center back seam closed about 4” from the bottom.  Bar tack.

Add about 5” of fusible web to the back at the Velcro placements.  Sew on 4” of Velcro.

Hem the bottom by turning to the basting line and sewing in place.

Remove basting thread.  Press and you are done!

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