Tuesday, August 18, 2015

American Girl Doll Mermaid Costume Tutorial AG040

I came across a Mermaid Tail pattern on Crafty Moms Share blog.  I decided to change it up a bit – I wanted my doll to stand, therefore I moved the tail pattern to the side of a skirt I created as shown in this diagram.

Turn waist down ½” and sew.

Insert 10” of elastic into casing.  Secure both ends.

Give elastic a tug then sew through all thicknesses at the halfway point to prevent elastic from twisting.

Sew from notch, around the tail and up to the waist.

Put a wee bit of stuffing into the tail.

Sew a line to keep the stuffing in place.

Mermaid Top for AG doll

I also liked the little tube top that Crafty Moms Share blog used.  She didn’t have any measurements so I just winged it.

If using stretchy fabric, cut it 4.5” by 14” long.  If using a firm fabric, cut it 4” by 14”.   I know the dolls chest only measures 11” but I like to allow lots extra and cut it off later.

When serging stretchy fabric into a tube, serge over a narrow piece of ribbon to prevent stretching. My pink fabric was very firm so there was no need to do that to it.

Loop 16” of ribbon or trim in half and place under the tube.

Bring the ends of the ribbon over the top of the tube and through the loop.

Pull tight and pin.  Try on the doll.  Make any adjustments.

Add Velcro and trim off excess.

Stitch through the ribbon loop to hold in place.

Put it back on the doll and pin the ribbon straps to fit.  Stitch.

Add a sew-on charm to center front.  Once it is on the doll, give the top and bottom a tug to fit.

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