Friday, November 21, 2014

American Girl Doll Hospital Gown, Cast, Slippers, X-ray Tutorials AG012

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Hospital Gown

I wanted to try myagdollcraft Hospital Gown.  I found a housecoat at the second hand store, cut it apart, laid my pattern on the sleeves and cut it out.

I followed her instructions however, I did cut my bias 30” instead of 20” – just thought it would be easier for little fingers to tie it.

Sew shoulders together with ¼” seam allowance. 
Hem both sleeves with ½” seam allowance. 

Hem back centers with 1/2” seam allowance. 
Cut 30" of 1/4"double folded bias tape.
Find center in front gown piece and center of bias tape, mark each with a needle.
Fit bias tape on neck opening matching the two needles (your bias tape should be centered on neck and about 10" should extend on either side for tying the gown).
Sew bias tape on.  Sew both sides together.  Hem bottom with 1/2” seam allowance.

If I was to make this again, I would add ¼” onto the neckline so it fit a little tighter around the neck – that’s just my preference tho.

Hospital Arm Cast

I found a tutorial for this cast HERE.  Thought it would go perfect with my hospital gowns.

Cut one piece of white flannel and one piece of white craft felt each 3″ x 4.75″. With the flannel at the bottom and the felt on top, sew an X to hold them together.

Cut six strips of white t-shirting into 3/4″ widths by about 6” long.  Stitch the strips on your flannel/felt sandwich. The strips should be sewn the long way.  Don’t sew all the strips down in neat, straight lines.  Overlap them, and let a few of them go wonky to look like bandages wrapped around the arm.

From the wrong side, stitch around the outside with a small zigzag to prevent fraying.  Trim edges flush with the ‘sandwich'.

I made myself a cardboard template, mark a dot roughly 5/8″ from the top and 1″ from one side, placed it on my cast and then traced and cut a small 1/2″ square around that dot.  This will be for the doll’s thumb.

Zigzag around the hole two times to finish the edges.  Cut about 3″ of Velcro in half lengthwise to make a long skinny strip.  Stitch the Velcro strips to the short sides of the cast but remember to stitch one strip to the top side of the cast and the other to the back side.  I will leave it up to Olivia to ‘sign’ the cast with a fine point Sharpie permanent marker if she desires.

Hospital Slippers

For these, I cut a 3/4”wide x 4” long piece of fleece fabric and sewed 4.5” long of 1/8” elastic in the center.  Fit the fabric to the doll’s feet and glued a fleece sole to it.  Glued a foam sole to the bottom of that.

X-Ray Tutorial

Myagdollcraft also has a great idea for an x-ray!

1. Go to google and look for X-ray pictures for an arm or leg or whatever you want.
2. Resize them so that the bones somewhat match the size of your American Girl Doll.  You can use Microsoft Word or a similar computer program, they have rules for sizing.
3. Print.
4. Put clear packaging tape on front and back.

Pretty darn clever eh?


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