Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Craft - Korker ribbon on a Base

Putting Korker ribbons on a base is a nice way of using up the few stragglers you have left over from HERE – it doesn’t take as many korker ribbons to do it this way.  For the base, I cut the ribbons 3” long and they are 3/8” to 1” wide.

 Fold ribbon ends in half.

 to cut at this angle to prevent fraying.
Fold ribbon in half.

then wrap the centers of each ribbon piece with thread to form a bow.   Wrap the thread around several times.  Repeat for all the ribbon.

 Without pulling the needle through, start stacking the bows in a pleasing manner as we did HERE.  Pull thread thro and secure with a few stitches.  I ended up not using the yellow bows I had made.

Measure and cut 6, 3 inch pieces of korker ribbon – this means ribbon that you have curled into a korker style.  Stitch to center of the base.  Trim if necessary.  Seal edges of korker ribbon with a lighter.

Attach to a prepared hair clip.  You can find the tutorial to prepare the clip HERE.

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