Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sewing - Hanging Pot Holder Oven Door Towel

Spotted this on Pinterest.  Thought it looked simple enough to do so here we go.  I bought this towel without realizing the pattern turned at the center of the towel but it worked perfect for this hanging towel.

The pot holder I had is 7x9”.  Find the center and mark across it on the wrong side. Set aside.

Find the center of your towel and draw a line across it on the right side.

Cut ¼” clear elastic about 8” long – you need the width of the pot holder plus a bit more to use for grabbing.  I love this elastic – you can stretch it a mile and it always goes back to the length you cut it.

Mark the center of the elastic and pin to the center line on the towel.  Pin both ends leaving about ½” on either end to grab.

Stretch and zigzag over the clear elastic.

Match the line you drew on your potholder to the top of the elastic on the towel and pin.

Sew through all thicknesses.  Trim off your elastic tails.

Take the bottom of your potholder and bring it up to meet the top.  Sew a button to the front of your potholder.  You are done!
Check HERE for a tutorial on how to make grocery bag holder with a towel or HERE for another easy hanging towel for the oven door.

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