Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Craft - How To Make a Bow Using a Fork

A perfect and easy miniature bow every time using a dinner fork!  You will need a four-pronged dinner fork and about 5 inches of linen thread by Stampin Up. You could use less but it is easier to use a longer piece then trim it.
We want to get the kinks out of this thread.  You can do that by pulling it quickly through your curling iron, flat iron or just press it with your standard iron.
Fold the thread in half to make a loop.  With the right side of the fork facing you, put the fork in the loop and pull tight.
Make sure the right side of the fork is still facing you. Take the length of thread that passes around the back of the fork and pass it over the other end at the front of the fork and between the centre two tines of the fork.
Take the other end of the thread and pass it between the centre two tines of the fork over the top of the bow.
Pull both ends of the thread tight.

Turn the fork over. 
Now just tie the thread in a single knot, pulling tight.  This will hold the center piece tight.

Slip your bow from the fork.
Trim the tails a little to finish and there it is!
So easy!  Now you can make a pile of them so they are ready for your many other projects.

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