Tuesday, December 16, 2014

American Girl Doll A-Line Skirt, Ruffled T-shirt, Knit Panties Tutorial AG010

These three patterns are probably my most used patterns!  Love how they fit. Ordering info for this outfit is on my American Girl Doll Creations by Carole Facebook page if you are interested.

T-Shirt:– no sleeves to set in!  This can be found on newgreenmama’s website.  Once I printed out her pattern, I raised the front and back neck by ¼” and moved the center front fold in by ¼”.  I added ¼” on to the center back and shortened the length by 2” as I wanted a short top.

Cut one front on fold.  Cut two backs.  Cut fabric for ruffle about 1.5” wide by 6” long.  Run a basting stitch up the middle.

Pull to gather about 2” long.  Sew to center of t-shirt front.

Place the back pieces on top of the front piece with right sides together. Line up shoulder seams and stitch across. Hem the arms and neck openings by turning under ¼”.

With right sides together sew side seams with a ¼” seam.

Hem waist 3/8”.

Zig-zag down velcro.

Skirt: I love this A-Line skirt by WrenFeathers.  She has a lot of free patterns!  I did alter the pattern a bit by tracing the tops of the front and back straight across and making a ½” casing/waistband.  I added ½” on to the length.  I took ½” off the center back seam and placed it on a fold.

The skirt I am posting is a denim skirt from a different outfit .  The instructions are the same for this skirt.  Chalk mark top and bottom of skirts at ½”. Serge to clean finish.

Press on chalk marks.

Topstitch back waist only.  Insert 4.5” of ¼” wide elastic.  Stitch to secure.

Pin side seams.  Open front waist.

 Wrap the front waistband to the back.

Sew side seams.

Flip front waistband.

Topstitch front waistband.

Topstitch hem.

Cut two strips of knit each 8” long by ½” wide.  Stretch to curl.

Attach to side seams.

Knit Panties:

I used Molly’s Panties pattern to make these knit undies by AGPlaythings.  I cut the front down about 3/4“and the back down about 1“.  I also scooped the front at the waist.  I added about ¼” on to the side seams.

The undies I am posting is from a different outfit.  The instructions are the same tho.  Serge the legs to finish.

Sew one side seam.

Baste 9” of ¼” elastic at the waist.  Add a colored tag at the back.

Serge elastic for a clean finish.  Sew other side seam.

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