Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sewing - Clothes Pin Holder

I am fortunate to have a clothes line at the house we purchased from Orpha in town.  I found this clothes pin bag full of clothes pins in Orpha’s coat closet so while the reno’s were still going on, I decided I would make it into this clothes pin bag I seen on this page called ‘Make a Clothespin Bag’.  This lady didn’t have a pattern to share so thought I would figure something out for myself.

I really liked the fabric – it reminds me of parachute fabric.  I think it would dry quickly outside if it got wet.  The first thing I did was pick this bag apart.

Press the fabric and square it.

This piece of fabric ended up being 18” wide x 45” long.  Fold with right sides together.  Mark the center of the short ends.

Lay a coat hanger with the neck of the hanger on the pin or at the center mark.  Trace the top part of the hanger onto the fabric.

Mark lines on either side of the hangers neck.  My chalk marks don’t show up very good but they are there.

Sew on the chalk lines making sure to leave a hole at the top for the hanger.  Trim.

Find something round to trace a circle.  My plates are square and a pizza pan was too big but I found this Tupperware lid that worked good – it is 10.5”.  Find the center then place the lid about 2” down from your stitching line and trace.

Cut out circle through ONE THICKNESS ONLY.

I should look like this when you are done.

I used my serger to trim the circle for the time being but when I get to the city, I will pick up some bias tape to finish it.  I think it would make a stronger finish.  Sew the side seams.  I used a scant ¼” as there wasn’t too much room left once the hanger is in there.

For a little more security, I cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 15” long, folded them in half and sewed to my side seams.

Turn right side out and insert hanger.

I tied the ribbon on to each end of the hanger.  Not sure this is necessary.  I can always cut them off if they are a nuisance.


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