Monday, July 13, 2009

Paper Envelope

Remember that envelope I posted the other day - Resizing Purchased Envelopes? If you did one, grab it and I will show you how to make another envelope using it as our pattern. You can either trace your envelope onto heavy cardstock or just use the envelope itself.

Grab any kind of light weight paper you want - pages from a magazine, calendars, atlas, wallpaper, wrapping paper ... just anything. If you can find at least 8" square doilies, they will work too.Cut your choice of paper to 81/4" square. With the wrong side of your paper facing you, place the top point of your envelope to any point of your paper. Bring the sides of the paper around your envelope to hug the envelope. Do not glue it yet. Bring the bottom up to fit the bottom of your envelope. You will have a little triangle piece - just bend it down & rip it off. Remove your envelope. Now glue on the bottom edges of the envelope where I indicated. Put a card inside & bring down the top flap. Seal. I usually will put my address label on the wrong side. I feel it gives the envelope added stability.

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